Monday, September 28, 2015

We Have A New Baby!

DSC07351 (1280x1078)While I was in Chuuk (post about that coming soon) Joyce and I got a new grandchild. new babyThe baby was scheduled to come in a week or so after I got back but she decided to show up early. When I opened up my computer Saturday morning at the hotel restaurant, the first thing I saw was her picture posted by Mike. Yesterday I returned from Chuuk and had the opportunity to see her in person and take my first picture of her. We don’t know her name yet, but I have reason to believe we may hear a name today announced in chapel at PIU. Here is the picture I took and a few that Joyce took over the weekend.

DSC07340 (1280x1058)DSC07345 (1098x1280)DSC07349 (784x1280)

The kids love their new sister. Serenity told me yesterday that she is “really cute.”

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lwmann said...

One good thing about being a Grandfather is that it is proof that at least one of your children survived their teen years and became a parent themselves (following in your wise footsteps). Congratulations to you and the family who I know always rejoice with you.