Sunday, September 06, 2015

Stuff We Do on Labor Day Weekend

ld weekend (2)Happy Labor Day! We have enjoyed a busy Labor Day weekend. It began with a basketball game and it will end tonight (Monday) with a basketball game. The PIU team was happy to get our first win on Saturday morning and we will see if we can do it again tonight. The weekend also included spending time with the grandkids on Saturday afternoon which, of course, included ice cream, cartoons ld weekend (12)and some wild games in the backyard. (see video). Sunday I was invited to deliver the opening prayer for the governor’s annual labor day barbecue. That was fun. I got to meet and talk with several people in the government including the governor of Guam and Saipan. As soon as I get the pictures of that sent to me I will post them. Joyce was one of the judges for the decorating contest. Joyce then ended the day by giving the Heimbach’s a tour of the South end of Guam. It was a busy day but I did manage to work in a little college football on television.

ld weekend (19)ld weekend (21)

Joyce worked on repairing and repainting and dresser for the new baby

ld weekend (14)ld weekend (31)

The kids got to spend some time in the water

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Some of the displays were amazing. I know Joyce and the other judges (bottom right) had a hard time picking a winner. Dept. of Corrections won with their map of Guam and feast all made from natural materials

ld weekend (7)ld weekend (8)ld weekend (9)ld weekend (10)

The kids enjoyed the displays too

ld weekend (15)ld weekend (32)

There was plenty to eat. We wrapped several plates to take home

ld weekend (17)ld weekend (38)

Joyce gave the Heimbachs the island tour.

Ok I seem to have an issue posting my videos on my blog now. Here is the address on Youtube if you want to see the kids and Joyce playing on the hammock in the backyard: sheesh!!!

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