Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Back From Chuuk

12491961_950753346872_9041530953247857027_oI arrived back on Guam from Chuuk last night. I was only there two days, but I think we got a lot accomplished. My main reason for going was to accompany and introduce our new English teacher for the PIU program at the FCC campus, Jered Hunter. 2016-01-17 22.32.11I met Jered in South Carolina last October at Columbia International University and he agreed to come out to Tol for the Spring semester. (I snatched the picture on the right from his Facebook page.) We met Monday morning with our Chuuk TF Director Iotaka Choram and with the FCC Campus Director Yosta Lodge to get classes and details worked out. Jered will be teaching two remedial and two academic program classes this semester. That is Jered with all his stuff preparing to head out for Tol (left). I was also thrilled to see PIU 2008 graduate Happiness Lodge in our meeting as well. Happi, who graduated from International Theological Seminary with an M.Div., is working on curriculum for FCC and will be teaching some classes for us. This is another major step forward for our partership with them. 8 courses will be taught at FCC and 2 at the Berea TF this semester.

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