Friday, January 22, 2016

Covenant Players Chapel

Covenant Players (2)One of my favorite chapels every year is when the Covenant Players perform Covenant Players (4)here. I know the students also enjoy these chapels. Kurt and Cathy Purucker have been coming for several years and we have developed a good relationship with them. They have also done drama seminars for us in the past. This year’s presentation was especially good, and the plays presented God’s Word in a way that provoked reflection and discussion. We also had a good time of fellowship  with them after the chapel.

Covenant Players (1)Covenant Players (3)

Even though there were plenty of laughs, I thought the plays were a little more serious this year. I especially appreciated the two plays that dealt with persecution and loneliness.

Covenant Players Chapel (1)Covenant Players Chapel (4)

Somebody brought doughnuts to celebrate Joyce’s birthday once again. They were enjoyed by staff, faculty and students alike. Joyce mentioned that they covered her two favorite food groups: bread and sugar.

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