Friday, January 29, 2016

Last Weekend in January at PIU

Last week of January (2)We have had a busy week at PIU as we close out January of 2016. On Thursday I met with Dr. Chris Hong, the President of New Tokyo Medical College (left) in Pohnpei. This school’s goal is to train doctors to be medical missionaries.Last week of January (5) They are partnering with us so that we can provide the Bible degrees these future doctors will need. We have agreed to work together (details of which we are still workiing on) and, when I am in Pohnpei this coming week I plan to meet with his staff and students. Thursday night I led the first Focus gathering with an “ask the president anything” format. Then for Friday’s chapel we had the always entertaining Ricke Harris give us a talk on “testing ourselves for spiritual life.”

Last week of January (4)Last week of January (7)

“Yes, I see that hand!” Not exactly. The students asked good questions that ranged from “Who is your favorite NBA team” to “Is technology replacing God” This kind of thing is my favorite part of the ministry at PIU.

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Ricke got the students to think about being disciples of Jesus rather than just people who identify as Christians.

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