Thursday, January 21, 2016

Happy Birthday to Joyce

Joyce Bday (5)Joyce Bday (9)Yesterday we celebrated Joyce’s *#th birthday. Technically, she is still celebrating it, since she was born in California and it is still the 21st there. The celebration actually began when the family came over Wednesday night to open more of their Christmas presents (Late postal dleivery here tends to stretch Christmas out through January – back in the 80’s we were still receiving Christmas presents in Palau in March). Last night we went to a new Mexican restaurant, Taco Sinaloa, in Tumon. The food was excellent, the meet was seasoned and the sauces and toppings were made fresh. We had a good time celebrating with Mike, Samantha and the kids.

Joyce Bday (2)Joyce Bday (4)

Joyce spent some quality time with Arete

Joyce Bday (14)Joyce Bday (16)Joyce Bday (17)

We all enjoyed the food and posing for pictures

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