Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Last Round of Chemo

20170620_095538 (960x1280)I just arrived home after completing my last chemotherapy infusion session today. I began chemo in March and had one session every three weeks for a total of six. After infusion I then take prednisone for five days – which, for me so far, has been the hardest part. I’ll finish the prednisone this coming Saturday. After this I get at least two months of rest from chemo. That will be nice. My big prayers in this would, of course, be that the lymphoma would be completely gone from my body and that we would be able to deal with the edema that has been greatly annoying me for the last six months. Generally, my body swells with about 12-15 pounds of water weight after a chemo session and then I lose most of it in the two weeks between sessions. This last session I gained 14 pounds but lost only 7. I am hoping to get rid of that water weight completely in the next few weeks. 20170621_023524 (720x1280)

Without chemo sessions in July and August, we are looking forward to some other activities. We got accepted to a “cancer camp” at Mission Springs in Scotts Valley July 7-9. Joyce and I will be able to go to this with our daughter and grand-daughter. It should be fun. I will then get my bone marrow biopsy on July 12. My blood count numbers have been good lately and I am hoping that will  continue with the biopsy. This has been a difficult last six months for us, but we have seen God blessing us in many ways and I think we are learning a lot from it. I am thankful that Joyce has been there beside me through the whole thing. She is my driver and has been there for all the chemo sessions and most of the doctor appointments. She has studied about cancer and knows more about it and my treatments than I do. I am glad I don’t have to do this by myself.

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