Thursday, June 01, 2017

Visit from Howard and Brief Medical Update

20170530_090252 (1280x960)We have enjoyed having visitors come by several times in the last couple months. We were blessed to have Howard Merrell come by and visit with us on Monday and Tuesday. Howard had been Board Chair at PIU for several years and is now officially the interim president of the school and is on his way back to Guam for the summer semester. It was encouraging to hear Howard’s report on how the students are doing and to have him pray with us. I have to confess that it was also painful to hear it because this was such a big part of our lives for so long and we love and miss our PIU family. We would love to be back there, and we know that God knows and has a good plan, but for us future plans are day to day, Still, it was good to discuss the school, talk about plans and pray together for this ministry. On Tuesday, Howard accompanied us to my chemotherapy treatment and we had some more time to talk. Please be in prayer for Howard and for Pacific Islands University. The school is in great need of qualified godly personnel and funding.

20170530_102116 (1280x960)My brief medical update: I had my fifth round of chemotherapy on Tuesday morning – I’ll be toxic until Friday afternoon. This time I have experienced a little nausea along with the usual hot flashes and prednisone induced sleepless nights, racing mind and heightened emotions. Edema is increasing again too. I would certainly appreciate your prayers for dealing with the side effects of the chemo. I will see the urologist on June 5th. I hear that we are looking at another surgical procedure but will find out more about that then. I’d be willing to go through it if I can get the bag off and have normal kidney function again. Joyce and I really do appreciate all your prayers and support through this. As I said above, we are day to day and don’t know what is in the future for us. The good thing is that God is walking with us through it all. Thank you for being part of that.

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