Sunday, June 18, 2017

Visitors From Palau

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We were very surprised and happy to get some visitors from Palau Saturday afternoon. Pastor Hiob Ngirachemoi, and his wife Leah, are on their way to Schooley’s Mountain, New Jersey for the big 75th anniversary celebration of the founding of Liebenzell Mission USA, and stopped off in Sacramento on their way. Joyce and I would love to be in NJ for that celebration, but we cannot travel yet. This was the next best thing. Mason Soaladaob and his wife, who are part of the Sacramento Palauan fellowship, drove them up  to where we are staying.  Former PIU staff Tim and Melody Plaxton joined us as well. We had a good time of fellowship and reminiscing about good times in Palau and at PIU. Pastor Hiob is now the PIU board chairman and so we also had some good time to talk about where the school is going in the future. The Palauans are flying to NJ on Tuesday for the mission event. I also appreciated Hiob and group praying with me before they left.

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