Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Medical Update: A Week After Mobilization

Tomorrow will be a week after the chemo and mobilization of stem cell production at Stanford. I will be going to my local oncologist to get a blood workup to see where we are at with the stem cells. I was told not to expect too much progress after one week. Usually the needed stem cells are generated during the 2nd week after mobilization. So, between tomorrow and October 25th, our tentatively scheduled date to return to Stanford to begin the harvest of stem cells, we will be getting daily blood counts to see when I have the stem cells to harvest. When the stem cells are there we will head to Stanford, whether they come early or late. Of course, my desire is for the stem cells to be produced early and often so we can proceed. I would ask for your prayers that the stem cell production would already have begun when we get tested tomorrow and that the harvest could proceed on, or ahead of, schedule. Thank you.

I am doing OK. I had heard that this part of the treatment would be harder than the previous. I would say that is quite accurate. I have struggled with nausea and fatigue quite a bit. I was able to eat a little more today which was good. Today was really the first day I have felt like writing anything which is a good sign too. Our internet limitations at our new house are also limiting my posts. Anyway, we are moving forward which makes the difficulties tolerable. We know many are praying for us. We are thankful for that. God Bless.

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