Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Smoky Stanford

20171011_134105 (768x1024)We drove down to Stanford this morning and arrived at the Cancer Center about 90 minutes before our appointments began. Again it was an easy trip with reasonable traffic. We only experienced the stop-and-go traffic right at the Bay Bridge. That got us there in time to have a leisurely sandwich at the bistro in the center. Our first appointment was at the Infusion Treatment Area where they drained my body of fluids to be tested – mostly blood. In the picture, I inspect the vials with the nurse to make sure the labels are right.. I know I am in for a lot more blood to be drained over the next few months. My next stop was in radiology for a chest x-ray. I had a good time with the technician talking 49er football. I appreciated that the appointments all ran ahead of time and I didn’t have to sit too long in the waiting room.

20171011_160603 (768x1024)Then we headed over to the clinic area for a meeting with our transplant doctor and coordinating nurse. We went through the whole transplant process again, which I found to be very helpful. The nurse clarified several issues we had and the doctor patiently explained the bone marrow biopsy report to me. The bottom line is that we are good for the next steps in the process. After the doctor left I got an EKG (right) and then I was done for the day. Tomorrow we will be up early to have the two-way chest catheter inserted into my chest and then they will start pumping fluids into me.

20171011_161417 (768x1024)20171011_161758 (768x1024)The entire bay area has been very smoky because of the wildfires in the area. We had to wear masks while we were outside in the parking lot and as we drove to our apartment. Stanford has provided us with a nice one-bedroom apartment at a greatly reduced rate for our stay this time. We are enjoying it as we relax tonight. I’d appreciate your prayers for my minor surgical procedure tomorrow and for continued progress through this process.

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