Wednesday, October 04, 2017

Testing at Stanford

20170928_103905 (768x1024)It has been a while since I have posted anything. We have been busy with travel for this whole past week. A lot has been happening, and I have a few days to stay home now, so expect a lot of posts over the next 3-4 days. Our travels began last Tuesday the 26th with a trip to Stanford. This was really the beginning of the transplant process. We went down Tuesday evening because I had an early morning PET scan on Wednesday. It was actually the most pleasant drive that we have had in this process. There was very little traffic and we made the trip in a little over two hours. We had some time to relax at the Budget Inn where we stayed and had a nice Mexican dinner. We also had a nice Facebook video chat with Mike, Samantha and the kids and were able to wish Titus and Arie a Happy Birthday.

20170928_075823 (768x1024)The first test was the PET scan on Wednesday morning. This was a critical test because we needed scan to be clear of lymphoma so that the transplant process could continue. If there were still lymphoma lesions in my body I would need to have another session of immuno-chemotherapy which would delay the process at least one month. The scan went well and we were told the next day that it was clear. Thus, the process could continue as scheduled. I know many people were praying for that and we appreciate it very much.

The tests began again on Wednesday morning. The first test was an echocardiogram (left)which would determine if my heart was healthy enough for the transplant process. 20170928_102357 (768x1024)I had one of these back in March. My heart was healthy then and the doctor determined that my heart was a go for this next procedure as well. We walked down the hall in the hospital for the second test- the pulmonary exam. This was basically a test to see if my lungs would hold up through the transplant process. I had to blow into a tube which measured my lung power. (right)20170928_111347 (768x1024) I passed that one as well. For those of you who have thought I was a bit of a blowhard, your opinion is confirmed. Again we are thankful that my body has come through chemo very well so far.

The final test was the bone marrow biopsy. We headed over to the cancer center for that one. This was the one I was not looking forward to, but it went quicker and less painfully than I anticipated. The bottom line on all the testing was that the stem cell transplant can proceed. We were able to get back to Shingle Springs before the traffic got heavy which was an extra blessing. Thank you for praying. So far so good.

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