Monday, October 30, 2017

My First Blood Transfusion

20171026_094747 (768x1024)So far, up to last Thursday, I had made it through my life without a blood transfusion. But because my red blood cell count was low, my doctors thought it was important that I get one. So I headed up to Marshall Hospital and spent the whole day there getting a couple pints of blood put into my body. It wasn’t a real difficult process for me. It just took a long time. Because of my edema problems, again, they gave me a separate room. I even had my own bathroom. I had time to do my devotional reading (I love having Logos on my phone), nap, and watch a lot of ESPN. I even got a nice anti-microbial hospital lunch. The process took about 8 hours and went without problem. I did feel pretty tired afterward, but otherwise I felt ok. The outcome was that my white and red blood cell counts were high enough for apheresis and we were told to report to the apheresis room in the Stanford Cancer Center on the next day at 7am. We prayed that things would move quickly and they certainly did.

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