Saturday, September 19, 2009

Michael Vigil Gets Married

We were happy to be able to witness the wedding of our "nephew" (he has been calling us "Uncle Dave and Auntie Joyce" since we met him and his family back in 1993) Michael Vigil and Savannah. The Vigils are part of our Guam family, you know part of the family that Jesus promised that you get when you leave your home behind to serve him. So it was really a joy to us to be able to enjoy the day with Mike's parents, May and Tony and his brother JR. May is one of our librarians at PIU and Mike is a PIU student. The wedding took place at Two Lovers Point with Senator Won Pat officiating.

Here are some pictures from the wedding...

Here is Joyce and I with Michael and Savannah. Mike asked me to pray the closing prayer of blessing for the wedding and Joyce took plenty of pictures.

The Vigil Family: JR, May, Michael, Savannah, Tony

Here is Joyce's attempt at an old-fashioned style wedding picture. They were supposed to be trying to look very serious and stern. The picture was taken in the lobby of the Marriott Hotel.

Here is the PIU gang with the Vigil family after the reception. You can see that it was clouding up behind us. Monday during the wedding was pretty much the only break in the rain last week. It was a beautiful day and a beautiful wedding.

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