Friday, September 11, 2009

Second Week of School

Of course we are happy to have more students than we expected but it does have us scrambling. We have been out to find mattresses (I think we ended up needing 20+ but we got them), beds, dressers and all kinds of other dorm equipment. Last I heard we are still a few dressers short. Sometimes we must improvise. In the picture on the right, Joyce and Cici are re-covering some chairs for the women's dorm. Joyce also made some curtains which she and Cici put up. Tim Plaxton, our director of maintenance, seems to running everywhere to find needed supplies and make repairs. He says that fixing the the things that 70 dorm students break is a never ending job.

Yesterday was our first prayer and praise chapel. Several different groups of students shared musical numbers (Men's dorm choir pictured). Meluat even treated us to, what I am pretty sure was, our first ever harmonica solo in chapel. Faculty member, Hartmut Scherer, gave us an encouraging meditation from the book of Job on what it means that our Redeemer lives. One benefit of working here at a Christian university is that it is part of our job to take time out on Tuesdays and Fridays to stop and worship, praise God and enjoy the Christian fellowship of students and staff. Yesterday was a real blessing.

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