Thursday, September 03, 2009

First Week of School

We are wrapping up the first week of school tomorrow. In some ways it has been the wildest first week of a semester that I can ever remember. First, as we prepared for 60-65 students we ended up, as of today, with 110. We appreciated the students' patience as they waited in line to go to each registration station, especially as the sky opened up on us with buckets of rain. We were thankful for the new pavilion which provided some shelter. We could use a paved parking lot too! Of course we had some beautiful days this week and it was great to see so many students outside enjoying another tropical Guam day.

Tuesday was our first chapel. I usually get the honor of being the first chapel speaker and I led off with my usual topic - the vision, mission and objectives of the school. I tied it to Philemon 1-2 with the point that we, just like Paul, are concerned with real people, our students, and our purpose is to provide an environment and discipleship to help them become "brothers and sisters," "prisoners" of Christ, "co-workers" and "friends" and "fellow-soldiers" within the church. The students did a good job with the worship band and I am looking forward to future chapels.

Classes are in full swing and the students seem to be handling their syllabus shock pretty well. I have already taught two sessions of my NT Survey class and am enjoying the class discussion. Joyce is talking three classes. One of her classes is Prophetic Literature taught by Eric Sorenson (pictured here). When I went into the library a couple days ago it was full. There are students everywhere and we love it!

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