Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Tropical Storm is Here

We are under tropical storm condition 1 here on Guam today. What I am hearing is that we will have 35-45 mile an hour winds and heavy rains. The main force of this storm will hit us in about 7-8 hours at 4 PM this afternoon. Our morning classes today are still meeting, but we have canceled our afternoon and evening classes. I will have to make up another session of my New Testament Survey class which was supposed to meet tonight. The storm coming through today will probably not do much more than get us really wet, but we are more concerned about Tropical Depression Melor. Melor is predicted to become a typhoon and is on track to hit Saipan on Saturday or Sunday. Of course a typhoon's path can not be predicted precisely so we are preparing the campus in case it takes a more Southern path. For updates on our weather situation check out our local newspaper, the Pacific Daily News or the Navy's Joint Typhoon Warning Center. The storm track pictures are from the JTWC web site.

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