Saturday, September 26, 2009

Yap Trip

I got to make another short trip to Yap last weekend. I always enjoy my trips there. Yap is a relaxing and beautiful place. The main purpose of the trip was to prepare for the completion of the PIU Yap Teaching Facility. We had a team from Gateway Bible Church in Santa Cruz California come out last year to work with the Yap Evangelical Church to renovate our classroom building and they plan to come out again in 2010 to help finish the building. Our original building was flooded during Typhoon Sudal in 2004 so we are working on a new building a little further up the hill overlooking the lagoon. I had a good chance to sit with the Yap Church leadership and plan for the work and also for how we will run the Teaching facility when it is done. We are hoping to have a grand re-opening of the facility in August of 2010 to be ready for classes in the Fall 2010 semester.

We also had the opportunity to talk to several people about PIU's growing program with the already added seminary and certificate in Basic English programs and the planned liberal arts and education programs. There is a lot of support for this in Yap and several leaders and businessmen there indicated their willingness to help financially and with publicizing the school and recruiting students for us. I was very encouraged by the response. Thank you to everyone who prayed for the trip.

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