Monday, August 31, 2009

Teaching Sunday School

One of my most enjoyable activities these past few months has been teaching the adult Sunday school class at Bayview Church. The class was supposed to be a survey of the Pentateuch that went from mid-January to the end of April, but by April we weren't finished with Genesis so we just kept going through the summer. Yesterday we finished up Deuteronomy to bring the class to a close. I will be pretty busy during this Fall semester so I decided to take a break from teaching at church for the Fall but I hope to be able to teach some more there in the future. It was fun to teach a group with a bit higher average age that my PIU classes and I enjoyed the interaction very much. Joyce got us together after class for this picture. A couple of the class members had already escaped from class but most are there. Joyce and I have been enjoying our time at Bayview.

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