Sunday, August 30, 2009

Registration and Student Orientation

It has been a busy weekend for everyone at PIU as the students have been arriving for registration and orientation. Yesterday, Saturday, a little over 70 students went through the registration process. Several have been picked up at the airport over the last few days and some were coming in on Saturday during the registration time. The 9-Noon registration time ran into the evening. Thank you registration team for the extra effort! Last night we opened our new student orientation with an all student-staff barbeque. The traditional beef ribs, chicken and hot dogs were great. We also had potato salad, rice and green salad. I enjoyed shooting some hoops and talking with some of the new students. It looks like we have a few new guys that will help our basketball team this year. We topped off the evening with ice cream sundaes. It was a fun way to get things going. Today we had a communion/worship service with the students on campus. We will finish orientation on Monday and we start a full schedule of classes on Tuesday. Here we go class of 2010!

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