Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Joyce is Back on Guam

Joyce arrived back on Guam last night after 25 hours spent in the air and in airports. She flew from LAX to Houston to Honolulu to Guam and arrived a little after 6 PM. She really enjoyed spending her month of vacation with the kids and the grand-kids. It is a good thing that she had a very good night's sleep last night because she goes back to work at the Japanese School at 9 AM today. She is planning a very busy semester working three mornings a week at the Japanese School, taking three PIU classes, teaching a remedial English class at PIU and tutoring some of our students. I guess it was a good thing that she got a vacation. :) I am glad to have her back home too, and not just because I was getting tired of eating cereal!

Here are some pictures from the California part of her vacation trip...
An origami display in the Tokyo airport

With Milo and Titus at Milo's baby shower

Mike, Samantha and Courage at the zoo

Joyce with the fierce Titus-tiger

Matt, Kristin and Milo at the baby shower

Titus and Courage with their Guam shirts


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