Friday, August 28, 2009

The Students Are Back

All summer long I was feeling lonely in my office in the back of the administration building. The quiet was nice for working on the responses to the deficiencies that our accrediting agency found in their May visit, (This morning we sent this completed 45 page document to TRACS and will await their evaluation of it), but this week the students have begun arriving and the silence is no more. All week students have been registering, taking placement tests, checking their financial aid (and sometimes checking their financial balance to see how much they owe before they can start the semester) and doing all kinds of other school business. I have been asking people to pray for our student numbers all summer and it seems people have been praying. I was hoping for 65 students and so far we have over 110 signed up. We won't know the full number until the last few sign up next week but we are praising God and are a bit overwhelmed. There are only a couple open spots left in the dormitories. Some students who were hoping to live in the dorms will need to stay with family members this semester.

Several students are already in class. The Study Skills class began last Monday. It is being taught by our Academic VP Melody Plaxton and our new remedial English teacher Jen Rydzik. You can see both of them in the background of the picture on the left. Jen just arrived last Friday and we already had her in the classroom on Monday. My class (New Testament Survey) will begin at 9 AM tomorrow. I am not sure yet how many students I will have in there. Registration will start go from 9-12 Noon tomorrow and after lunch new student orientation will begin. We will end our day tomorrow with a BBQ and game night. I am ready for it to begin!

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Jen said...

It has been a crazy week so far but I love it and look forward to whatever's going to happen this semester!