Saturday, August 15, 2009

The Semester Starts - Big Week of Meetings

Almost everybody has arrived back on Guam from their summer travels - most traveled to the US Mainland to raise support. It was great to see Larry and Sharon Bock at church this morning, they arrived early Saturday morning. I know the Sorenson's are back but I haven't seen them yet. The Plaxton's returned on Tuesday night and Steve Stinnette returned a couple days ago. Steve and I had a Saturday afternoon meeting that included watching the 49er-Bronco football game as part of the agenda. There are a few others on their way back including, of course, Joyce who won't be back for another week. Our new remedial English teacher Jen Rydzik will arrive next Friday. It is really great to have people to talk to in the office again. Tonight we should be able to see pretty much everybody at prayer meeting. We normally have a prayer-fellowship time every other Sunday evening. I always enjoy that.

Please be in prayer for us as we begin our meetings to prepare for the coming semester. We were encouraged to see 11 new students show up for the TOEFL test last Friday and we have another scheduled for August 27th. Tonight's meeting starts a full week of meetings. Tomorrow (Monday) is our first administrative meeting of the year. The main goals are to finish up our responses to our accreditor after their May visit, orienting new people, assess improvements we need to make and get each department ready for the coming semester. Wednesday and Thursday will be faculty in-service and we will especially focus on documenting student achievement and distance education. Finally, Friday will be our first all staff-faculty meeting of the year.

Please be in prayer for these meetings. The students will start coming in on the 27th and classes begin on the 29th. Here we go 2009-10 school year!

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