Friday, August 07, 2009

Some Pictures from Joyce's Trip

Joyce has been having a fun time with our kids and grand-kids the last couple weeks. She first went to Texas to spend a week with Missy. She got to spend time with David Ahlgren (our foster son who lived with us in 1997-8) and his wife Katelyn (right - with David and Katelyn on the left side of the pic and Missy and Cliff on the right), our nephews AJ and Kevin and Missy's boyfriend Cliff and his family.

Then she headed to Southern California to the kids and grand-kids there. It would be the first time she would get to see Milo, our new grandson born in May. She met Michael, Samantha and the kids in LA and then the next day they went down to San Diego. Grandma is pretty excited to get to hold Milo for the first time. Joyce says that she is enjoying getting to spend some time with family during her vacation. I think I will have to wait until Christmas time get a vacation, but I will get to see them on my way through California during my October-November recruiting-conference trip.

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