Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Field Education at PIU

Field Education is one of the important components in our Bible program at PIU. Each degree student takes three one-unit FE courses at the 100-200 level and then a fourth-year three-unit practicum. The three lower level courses (Ministry Introduction, Development and Immersion) are taken by both AA and BA students and provide an introduction, exposure to and training in a variety of basic church, community and school ministries.  We want the students to gain experience in a wide variety of ministries to help them discover their gifts and talents and to bring their new experiences back to their home churches. The practicum is the taken in the area of the student's emphasis (the emphasis consists of 18 units or 6 upper division classes) within the Bible major and is the capstone to the program. Some of the emphases we offer are Elementary Education, Teaching English as a 2nd Language, Pastoral Studies, Missions and Christian Education. For example, we have several students finishing their elementary education minor as teaching interns in Guam Public Schools. Some of the Missions students completed their practicum in Thailand last summer.

One of our Field Ed. practicum students this semester is Judson Marar. Judson is doing his pastoral internship under the mentorship of our Seminary Dean Eric Sorenson. However, part of his internship deals with Children's Ministries. Joyce is supervising this part of his internship. The last few weeks he has been riding in to church at Bayview with us to work with Joyce in her 2-3 year old Sunday School class. She has been using the "watch, help, lead" method. After a few weeks of watching Joyce teach and helping her with the class, last week Judson planned and taught the class from start to finish. We have enjoyed getting to know him on the drive to church and Joyce has appreciated having his help in the class. I think she will miss having him there as he moves on to the other sections of his internship.

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