Friday, October 09, 2009

The PIU Traveling Team

Last week was the first official practice for our 2009-10 PIU Traveling Team. The team is a group of students, staff and faculty who go to churches, community groups, schools etc to represent Pacific Islands University.The goals of the group are 1)to provide exposure to, increase the visibility of, recruit students, and raise support for the school, and 2) to provide opportunities for cross-cultural ministry and increased spiritual growth in the lives of our students. The group, beginning on November 1, will minister using a student-led program containing a mix of music, personal testimonies of transformation, relevant biblical messages, and other island/Asian culturally-related artistic forms and displays, on Guam and possibly other islands in Micronesia. In the last few years the Traveling Team has done a good job of making us more well-known on the island.

The big difference this year is that the traveling team will travel much farther than past years. Our plan is to take 10-12 students and 5-7 staff members to tour the mainland USA in the summer of 2010. The team will leave Guam soon after graduation in May and will sing their way across the US until the end of July. As of right now, we have scheduled ministry events in California, Oregon, Texas and the Southeastern US. Out of the 18 students on the Guam traveling team we will pick 10-12 for the US ministry. The team is led by Joyce and I, Eric and Karyn Sorenson, Kalvin Assito, and Delight and Evelyn Suda. If you would like information about the team, booking our team at your church or event, or you would like to help support our traveling team financially please contact me or Eric. We would love to see you this summer.

Our meeting this last week was mainly an introductory get-together to talk about the goals of the team, to get to know each other better and hear the students sing and talk. The singing was incredible and the fellowship was a lot of fun too. And of course the food was good too.  I am really looking forward to working with these students and I am very excited that many of you who read and follow my blog from the mainland USA will get the opportunity to meet our students face to face. We would appreciate your prayers as we practice, prepare the team and begin raising support. Who knows maybe the zories of our PIU students could be outside YOUR door this summer.

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