Saturday, October 17, 2009

Spiritual Emphasis Days #1

For two days in every Fall semester, the PIU family takes a couple days off our regular schedule to focus on worship and deepen our relationships with God and each other. Normally we do this at the end of October, but this year we moved up the event to accommodate some special speakers. This was great for me because I am normally on my recruiting trip to the mainland (I leave Monday this year) when the event takes place.  The plan was to have the event on the Bayview Church athletic field and have everyone camp out in tents. However, a tropical storm headed our way and made its closest pass on Thursday. We decided that 40 mph winds and living in tents doesn't go well together. So instead of starting the event at Bayview we began the morning events and lunch on the PIU campus. Bayview then was very gracious to let use their auditorium and Christian Servicemen's Center and we moved over to the church after lunch in the classroom.

Our speakers for this year were Matt Augee from Arizona and Dan Fields from San Diego. Both did a great job. Dan took thousands of pictures during the 5 days he was on Guam and, if you want to see extremely beautiful pictures of Guam, the school and our students you will want to take a look at his blog. Matt was our main speaker and really touched on many of the issues our students face. He runs youth camps on the mainland for churches and the military and is an experienced and effective youth speaker. The students especially enjoyed his "toys" which were quite effective means of driving home the points he was making to the students. Both Dan and Matt are involved in foundations that work with Christian ministries and we are looking forward to working with them to develop PIU into what God is calling us to be.

The first night ended with another exciting PIU basketball game versus the Abundant Life Church. This time we pulled off a 5 point win in a fast up and down the court game. With all the dormitory students at the game - we took a bus - I think we outnumbered our opponent's fans by about 10 to one. After the game the students returned to Bayview Church and slept (yea right, I think they talked all night). More on day two soon

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