Thursday, October 01, 2009

Update on Typhoon Melor

It looks like Typhoon Melor is going to go North of Guam according to the Joint Typhoon Warning Center. However, it looks very dangerous for Saipan as typhoon Melor is expected to be a super-typhoon by the time it passes by there. For right now we plan to proceed as scheduled with all PIU Friday night and Saturday morning activities (update: basketball game is canceled). We are keeping a close eye on the typhoon's track - it would not be unprecedented for a typhoon to change direction - and are prepared to commence our emergency procedures if Melor begins to track in our direction. We have our drinking water, batteries and candles ready to go and our storm shutters are at the ready (Joyce and I can put up the shutters at our house in about 1/2 hour before high winds hit, in about an hour if high winds have already arrived. We know this from experience.). Please pray that this typhoon will go far north above the CNMI and leave us all alone!

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