Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Some More of My Pictures from Spiritual Emphasis Days Last Week

I am here in Southern California and will report on what I am doing here in the next post. Before I did that I thought that I should put up a few more pictures from our Spiritual Emphasis Days event last week...

The first one here above left is most of the gang that attended the event.

Our speakers: Matt Augee (Green shirt) and Dan Fields (Blue Shirt). We also enjoyed having Dan and Matt stay at our house for the week. It was great getting to know them and I believe they made a great impact on the students. We will get to see Dan again tomorrow in San Diego

An important part of the program was breaking into small groups and discussing the speaker's point and how to apply it. 

The food was also an important part of the program. I don't think anyone went hungry!

There was also important political debate.

Not really! We were just supporting our favorite NFL teams.

A good game of foosball was also relaxing.

Or you could get a nice eye massage and acupuncture from one of the students

All in all a good time of worship and fellowship. Joyce is enjoying some fellowship with our friends Nino, Ambrosio and May.

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