Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas at the Micronesia Mall

After Thanksgiving I promised Titus that when Milo came we would go to the Micronesia Mall and see the big Christmas tree, enjoy the light and music show and, most important, ride the Dragon Roller Coaster with "just me and you!" So a couple days after Milo arrived we all headed over to the mall for an evening of mall-style Christmas celebration. I think a couple trips to the mall were made over the two weeks. A later trip produced this "grand-kids with Santa" photograph.

The kids really enjoyed the light show. Titus, Courage and Milo chased the light dots and spotlights around the floor, danced to the music and played in the fake snow that fell from the machines up in the ceiling. We had to drag them out of there at the end of the evening. 

 Kristin takes Titus, Courage and Milo on a ride on the Christmas Train.

I didn't get a picture of Titus and I on the Dragon Coaster, but I did get a couple of Courage and Joyce on the carousel.

The kids always enjoy watching the "ball machine." The sculpture moves billiard balls and basketballs on pulleys, chains and tracks etc and they go round and round. They all seem to be amazed by it.

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