Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas Vacation on Guam with the Owen's

 I have not been posting lately because we have been quite busy enjoying the visit from our son Matt, his wife Kristin and our grandson, Milo this past two weeks. Along with Mike and his family we have been enjoying having them here for the holidays. We put  Matt, Kristin and Milo on the plane this morning for the flight back to California, so I thought today would be a good day to post a few pictures and get you caught up on what we have been doing the last couple weeks. I plan to make 5 or 6 posts today to cover our Christmas vacation activities...

One of the first things Matt wanted to do when he arrived on the 19th was head out to Ritidian Beach on the North side of the island. Ritidian is a federal park and nature preserve, and is one of the more beautiful spots on Guam. December is one of the best times of the year (well. the whole year is good for going to the beach!) to enjoy Guam's beautiful beaches. I think Matt and family went to Ritidian at least three times on this trip. As you can see, all three of them enjoyed it.

Everyone gives me a hard time about living on a beautiful tropical island but rarely going to the beach. I do get out to the beach occasionally. In this picture I am doing my favorite thing to do at the beach: read a novel.

One day we got both Matt's and Mike's families out to Ritidian together. Here is a picture of Mike and Sam with Serenity. Titus and Courage were in the water most of the time.


Autumn May Dale said...

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Elisha said...

WOW..It's awesome experience to spend christmas vacation with family.I think you really enjoyed.I really want to visit this place.Thanks fo sharing.