Friday, December 10, 2010

Kids' Day at Pacific Islands University

Last Saturday was our annual Kids' Day at PIU. Each year the "Principles of Teaching" class, taught by Dr. Cristel Wood, hosts the children of our Guam community for a day of fun and learning. This functions as part of the "final exam project" for the class. Judging from this year's attendance it is growing in popularity. This year the theme of the day was "Daniel in the Lion's Den." The games, music and story and time encouraged the children to "have courage" because "God is with you no matter what troubles you find yourself in." This year was of special interest for me since two of the Kids were my grandkids Titus and Courage. Here are a few pictures of the days' activities.

Pete makes an important point from the story of Daniel. 
The guys wait for their opportunity to do the "Daniel Rap"
The youngest kids get a visit from King Darius

Kita helps Courage and Titus sing the theme song and say their memory verse. 

The whole PIU student body was working hard on the program!
Everybody sang together at the end of the program

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