Thursday, December 16, 2010

Christmas Chapel at PIU

I just got home from my final class of the semester. This evening my Survey of the Gospels class discussed their papers on themes in the Gospels and then we discussed "what would Jesus really do." It was fun and I appreciated the insights they had. Now we fully move into Christmas vacation. But we really started getting into the Christmas spirit with last Friday's final chapel of the semester, our annual Christmas chapel. This year Michael and Samantha were in charge of the chapel and they worked with several of the students to give us a very worshipful advent celebration. Here are some of the sights from the chapel and a few family pictures taken afterward.

Michael and Scott provided the guitar accompaniment while Samantha, Jayleen, Davie and Ben led the singing, meditations and lit the Advent candles.

Serenity slept through most of the chapel, but she enjoyed it when she woke up. It was really funny to see her head turn trying to find her mom or dad when they were talking up front.

Jayleen lit the joy candle and led a devotional about the meaning of joy.

Samantha and Courage took a picture with the Advent wreath. Doesn't Courage look like a little angel in her Snow White dress?

Mike and his bride took a nice picture with the Advent wreath as did cousin Ben.

Titus and I had a nice conversation about the Christmas wreath and chapel

Grace gave the kids a bumpy, but fun, ride in the water cart from after chapel

Then Titus admired the PIU trophy in the office with Jake and grandma

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