Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Owen's Get a Christmas Tree

One of the most exciting things for us this Christmas is having most of our kids and grandkids here for all the Christmas season. Now that Mike, Sam and family live here, we have been able to enjoy all the fun events of the Christmas season with them. Matt, Kristin and Milo will arrive this Sunday night and Missy and Cliff will get here in January, but we have been enjoying, since Thanksgiving, the Christmas shopping, Santa visiting, Mall light shows etc with Titus and Courage. One of the big events for us is going to get the Christmas tree. Of course there is no place to cut a Christmas tree on Guam, unless you want to decorate a coconut palm, which we do in our front yard. However, to get your traditional Douglas Fir, we went down to the local grocery store, Cost-U-Less, and bought a 6 footer out of the parking lot. Everyone then came back to our house and decorated the tree while drinking egg nog. Almost everyone had a good time.

Serenity was very excited to be going in the car to get the tree

Titus wanted to sit up on top of the car with the tree while Courage could not understand why we were putting a tree on top of the car.

Mike, Marci, Titus and I get the Christmas tree into the stand. It took a lot of work to get it to finally stand up straight. Then I had an allergic reaction to something on the tree. It pretty much put me out of commission for about a week. Has anyone else had a reaction like that to a store-bought real Christmas tree?

After putting up the tree we enjoy a well-deserved snack.
Even Serenity was tired out from the evening's festivities

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