Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Extending the Women’s Dorm

SAMSUNG            The students began moving on to the campus last night. We are about ready to begin orientation activities this weekend. And we are feverishly trying to get things ready. We have a record number of accepted students (last time I looked it was over 30) expected to show up over the next couple days. SAMSUNG            Right now we have more students wanting to live on campus than we had capacity in our last year’s configuration, so we are trying to add a little more space. One way we are doing that is to convert our tiny dean of men’s residence to a dorm extension. We had no cash to do this but our friends and neighbors at Hawaiian Rock donated 6 yards of concrete and, with some other kind donors, we are able to enlarge and renovate the little house. It won’t be ready on time but it should enable us to add space for 4 more young ladies by next week. Thank you Hawaiian Rock and anonymous donors!


PIU staff and students worked with the Hawaiian Rock guys to pour the concrete


Operations Manager, Celia Atoigue, checks on the progress of the construction

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