Thursday, August 23, 2012

Faculty Orientation

SAMSUNG            The semester started officially for our faculty on Wednesday with a faculty orientation and in-service training day. It was good to see everybody together again and I think everyone is ready to get back to work. I had the opportunity to begin the school year with a devotional on Habakkuk 2.20 and then our Provost, Christel Wood, led us through the meeting.  We discussed administrative and curriculum issues, communications, school calendar, on-line tools, remedial classes, student motivation and spent some time praying for the faculty, staff and students. We have a small, but very dedicated faculty. We do have some critical personnel needs for our faculty (See here) but I am confident that this group will be doing a great job of serving our students’ needs here at PIU.


Sarah Brubaker (left) Liberal Studies chair and Christel Wood our Provost ably led and planned the meeting. On the right one of the faculty discussion groups talks about how to better motivate our students academically.


Courage and Serenity joined the meeting at lunch time. Joyce will be teaching remedial English this semester at PIU.

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