Thursday, August 30, 2012

Monday Events at PIU

SAMSUNG  I know I am posting these in the wrong order (the last post was Tuesday’s chapel) but I just downloaded these pictures from Daisy Murdock’s Facebook page and from my phone today. Monday was the orientation for all students with “team-building” events in the afternoon and a welcome barbecue and talent show in the evening. It was a fun day andSAMSUNG the rain held off for most of the time we were outside. It was good to get to know the new students a little better and be amazed by their talent. Here are a few pictures of the day….

SAMSUNG            Monday events (24)

We started off with the presentations by the staff so the students would know PIU procedures


Stella (left) did the library orientation and Celia talked about office and financial policy

SAMSUNG            Monday events (35)

Students were thrilled to know all this information!

Monday events (25) Monday events (27)

Then they headed out for the team-building games

Monday events (26) Monday events (28)

This one required maximum cooperation

Monday events (29) Monday events (30)

Fortunately, Pete, our new dean of men, was there to provide direction

Monday events (32) Monday events (33)

It was all about having fun and getting to know one another

SAMSUNG            Monday events (34)


There was a little time to catch your breath and get a drink


The evening was about eating, fellowship and celebrating


The students were all divided into teams…


That each had to create its own culture and present it to the audience…


through creative means such as song, skit or dance


One team even cleaned the stage after they were done with their skit

SAMSUNG            Monday events (31)

Dean of Student Life, Rob Watt was the MC for the event. I got to be one of the judges along with Christel Wood and Joey Charles. I played the part of the mean, nasty, insulting judge – so different than the way I usually am. I think a good time was had by all.

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