Sunday, August 04, 2013

A Few More Vacation Pictures

SAMSUNG            Vacation is over. I am writing this from Palau where I have been one of the speakers at the SAMSUNG            Palauan Evangelical Church Deacon’s Conference and have enjoyed meeting with church leaders in Palau. I have a few more pictures from the Alaska vacation that I wanted to post and so here goes. The pictures with this paragraph are from a Sunday afternoon spent at the Anchorage “Saturday Market”


We did a little hiking in the woods (very little). Note that I am standing in front of a “beware of grizzly bears” sign


We enjoyed the restaurants and the outdoors. There was a lot to do in Anchorage. I wish we had a few more days.

Beautiful flora and fauna. Note the bald eagle in the top of the tree

Joyce got to see a moose up close and

Take kids fishing

The it was time to say goodbye to Alaska. (Joyce got upgraded to business class, I flew economy)

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