Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Fall Semester Begins at PIU

SAMSUNG            Today the Fall semester really begins for the staff and faculty at PIU. Of course, for some of us, the Fall semester began the morning after graduation in May, but that is another story. Today is the official day that students may arrive and move into the dorms before registration and orientation begin tomorrow. Several students have already moved in, because of flight scheduling difficulties from their islands SAMSUNG            but we will see most of them within the next couple days. We also have our first staff meeting today. The student leadership teams (Resident Assistants, Student Council Members etc) already moved in last week and have been in training with the Student Life team. Last week, before I went to Chuuk, they came over to our house for dinner and some time of fellowship and interaction. SAMSUNG            Joyce shared with them the importance of doing the little daily practical things as part of their responsibility to represent Christ and PIU well to the other students.  I gave them three “G’s” that characterize what leaders do: Giving, Growing and Going. We had a good time interacting with them and I think we have a good group of student leaders this year.

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