Thursday, August 08, 2013

Happy 3rd Birthday Serenity

SAMSUNG            Yesterday evening we celebrated Serenity’s 3rd birthday at our house.SAMSUNG            As she stated quite adamantly this means that, “I am not a baby any more!” My job was to take her over to our house and then to the store to get ice cream and M’&’M’s while everything was getting set up. She talked the whole time and I thought the conversation was interesting. “Sharks like me. I give them flowers and splash them.” “I am done talking about the ocean, let’s talk about clouds.” “I like storms and thunder and lightning.” She kept up this train of thought the whole ride and finished with “I heard the thunder when it made no sound.” I always learn a lot from her.


She opened her presents and grandma read her cards to her

SAMSUNG            SAMSUNG            SAMSUNG            SAMSUNG

The girls model the presents

SAMSUNG            SAMSUNG            SAMSUNG            SAMSUNG

And then Nachos for dinner followed by birthday cake

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