Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The Fall Semester Begins

SAMSUNG            We are now halfway through the first week of the semester. Registration and orientation are completed, although we still have a few students coming in for late registration. That will end on Friday and we will know exactly how many students we have. The first three days of classes are in the books and we had the opening chapel on Tuesday. Last count I heard, there were 27 new students on campus (not verified yet – I will post the official count next week). Everyone is running around getting the last minute things ready. The semester has already been a blessing to me. I enjoyed my Monday night New Testament Survey Class and am looking forward to the discussions in there. Yesterday I had the opportunity to pray with two young men (new students) after chapel and ask God to bless their new adventure. I usually love my job, but I especially enjoy the first week of a semester.


Dean of Students Rob Watt welcomed the students to orientation and then Anne Stinnette explained add-drop procedures along with other registrar stuff


The Student Leadership Team led the new students in some team building exercises


This seemed to involve moving several students and keeping them upright while standing on a small stick…


… and this one involved throwing stuffed animals at each other while blindfolded. Fun!


And then the students were ready to face these amazingly well-prepared teachers

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