Saturday, February 01, 2014

PIU “Guys Day” at Merizo

SAMSUNG            Saturday was a beautiful day on Guam and perfect for some swimming and a barbecue at the Merizo Pier. Fortunately for us that was exactly what we had SAMSUNG            scheduled for that day. So the PIU men loaded up the van and a couple cars and headed down to Merizo for the morning. The day included good fellowship, lots of laughs, some excellent sashimi and barbecued chicken, spectacular acrobatic diving and belly flopping, sunshine, and good conversation. How could we do better than that?

Merizo (14)Merizo (15)

The students enjoyed some swimming

Merizo (1)SAMSUNG

So did Mike and Titus

Merizo (13)Merizo (16)

Thank you Billy for your pictures.

Merizo (11)Merizo (12)

The food was great


Especially the sashimi


Titus spent most of the day fishing with a line and a hook that he found but he did find some time to eat lunch with us.

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