Friday, February 21, 2014

Valentine’s Day Chapel

SAMSUNG            I am in Florida for one more day before I head back to Guam. I am having a good trip but will post about that later. I SAMSUNG            thought I should put up a couple pictures of our Valentine’s Day chapel last week at PIU. It may have been the most fun chapel of all time (maybe a bit of hyperbole there). Mike got 4 PIU faculty couples up to the front for an interview about their marriages. Mike asked some questions and then the opportunity to ask was thrown open to the students. The Knapps, Chorams, Pates along with Joyce and I were interviewed. I learned some things about our faculty couples that I didn’t know before.


Everybody had to tell the story about how they met. Nino and Glenda met when they sang a song together. So, of course, the students made them sing it again. They didn’t make it all the way through the song but we were all greatly entertained.


At the end of chapel Joyce and Vivian awarded the coveted  “Golden Plunger” award to the guys dorm. The award honors the cleanest dorm.


After chapel I joined the students and Student Life team to make Valentine’s Day packages for our neighbors. Daisy, Sarah and the students distributed these packages out to the neighbors who live around our campus. (And I only ate one peanut butter cup. Really, just one!)

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