Monday, June 30, 2014

2014 PIU Board of Trustees Meeting


The 2014 Annual Board of Trustees Meeting was held in Koror Palau as part of the 85th Gospel Days Celebration of the Palauan Evangelical Church. The meeting took place on June 19-20. Internet issues made me unable to post until I got back to Guam yesterday. (You will be seeing several posts about my time in Palau over the next few days). Comments by the board members after the meeting were all along the lines of “this was the best board meeting ever.” Now that may have something to do with holding the meeting in Palau, but also this was a real tribute to the great reports made by our Provost and Advancement VP Sam Mabini and Administrative VP Nino Pate. I feel like we got a lot done and it is always good to see the board members in person. The picture above is of the board and administration and includes from left to right: Front Row: VP Nino Pate, PEC pastor Hiob Ngiraichemoi, YEC pastor Vincent Parren, LMI Global Director Martin Auch, Siska Hutapea (Guam), VP Sam Mabini. Back Row: Board Chair Howard Merrell, David Mayer (USA), LMUSA Global Director Bill Schuit, Me, John Robertson (Guam)

Board meeting 8Chuuk signing

One of the most important events of the meeting was the final signing of the agreement with the Evangelical Church of Chuuk and Faithwalk Christian College. ECC pastors Repeat Samuel and Yosta Lodge (Director of FCC) were there to witness the signing of the document by Howard Merrell and the enthusiastic affirmation by the PIU board (pictured right). Previously, ECC President Karsom Enlet had signed the document on one of my earlier trips to Chuuk. The board also unanimously voted to restore the ECC as an institutional board member of PIU. We were also able to have a good discussion of strategic cooperation with the pastors of the Palauan Church (left)

Board meeting 2Board meeting 3Board meeting 4Board meeting 6

There was a lot of good discussion

Board meeting 10Board meeting

A couple more “official” pictures of the board

Board dinner

We enjoyed a good dinner at the Fuji Restaurant after the meetings (John took the picture)

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