Saturday, August 02, 2014

From Redding to Santa Cruz

SAMSUNG            IMG_20140731_123433Thursday afternoon we drove from Redding to Scotts Valley/Santa Cruz. This was the longest drive of our trip to the US Mainland. When we left Redding in the afternoon, the thermometer in the rental car registered 120 degrees (it was really about 110) and by the time we got to Scotts Valley about 9PM the temperature was about 50 degrees cooler. We spent most of Friday meeting with friends and we took a drive out to West Cliff in Santa Cruz. Today we will attend my 40th year high school reunion before we speak at Gateway Bible in Scotts Valley on Sunday. If you are in the area please stop by Gateway and say hello. (On the right one more picture of Wayne and me on the lake near Redding and, on the left, I am posing in the front of the lighthouse in Santa Cruz.)

SAMSUNG            IMG_20140731_170344

We left Redding after a nice lunch with Wayne and Judy, and Joyce’s mom and dad


We had a tasty Mexican lunch Friday with Christy McKim before we headed out to the “cold side” of the Pacific Ocean in Santa Cruz.


Here are a couple shots of the Santa Cruz Beach and Boardwalk across the water from Lighthouse Point

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