Tuesday, August 12, 2014

PIU Promo Video Summer 2014

PIU Informational Video Summer 2014

Well, we are almost done with our Summer 2014 furlough-fund raising trip to California and Oregon. This past weekend Joyce and I spoke at Hessel Church in Sebastopol California and this morning (Tuesday) I spoke at the Hessel men’s prayer breakfast. This was the last scheduled meeting we had for this trip. (By the way we had a great time of fellowship on Sunday and Tuesday). In all we spoke in 6 churches and several other groups during the 4 weeks we were on the West Coast. Tomorrow we will drive from Rohnert Park back to Scotts Valley and then board the plane early Thursday morning at San Francisco airport to head back to Guam. Above is the PIU promotional video that we showed at most of our stops on this trip. It contains all the basic info about PIU’s mission and history and introduces you to some of our students. Enjoy! 

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