Saturday, August 16, 2014

Miscellaneous Trip Pictures

We are back on Guam now for about 36 hours and working through the jet lag. (I am trying to stay in bed in the morning, got up at 3.30 this AM, and stay up until 10 pm at night, didn’t quite make it last night.) We will jump back into full speed ministry tomorrow as we get ready for the start of a new school year. I have posted quite a bit about ministry events while we were in California and Oregon but we also squeezed in a few fun things. Here are some miscellaneous pictures from our travels. On the right, Joyce boards the Express Jet for her side trip to San Diego.

2014-07-23 08.31.582014-07-23 08.34.35

We had some good times in El Dorado with my mom and dad. We celebrated my dad’s birthday a couple months early. He couldn’t wait to try out the electric hedge trimmer we gave him

2014-08-01 10.43.452014-08-01 10.47.57

We promised the Guam grandkids that we would bring them Jelly Bellies


We are so thankful for all the people who housed us while we were there. Jo Romaniello picked us up from SFO when we arrived and hosted us for that first evening and provided Joyce with a little relaxation. We also stayed with Jeff and Christy McKim. Picture on the left is from my lunch with Jeff.

2014-08-13 19.55.532014-08-14 12.54.21

We stayed several days in Scotts Valley with the Kvamme family. Eric generously got up very early and drove us all the way up to SFO on Thursday for our flight to Guam.

Thank you Jo and Chuck, mom and dad Owen, mom and dad Cundall, Shinns, Judy and Wayne, Kvamme family, Jeff and Christy, Matt and Kristin, Doug and Diane for providing us with bed, meals and great fellowship.

I am pretty sure the trip highlight for Joyce was spending 4 days in San Diego with Matt, Kristin, Milo and Keiahni

Do you think she enjoys being with these very cute grandkids?

Milo models the birthday present that I sent him. We are ready for some football!


While I was waiting for Joyce to arrive at the San Jose airport I managed to watch the 49ers first preseason game


We were pretty blessed to get free business class upgrades all the way across the Pacific. Again I take a picture of Joyce relaxing and one of my plate of food. We had a great time on the Mainland, but we are back on Guam and ready for another exciting semester at PIU.

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