Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Ministry at Gateway Bible Church

SAMSUNG            SAMSUNGLast Sunday, August 3rd, Was a very special day for Joyce and I. We were able to share our ministry at PIU with the people at Gateway Bible Church. 30 years ago (the first Sunday in August 1984) Joyce and I were commissioned to be missionaries to Palau from Gateway (then Scotts Valley Baptist Church). So it was a 30 year anniversary of ministry celebration for us.We had a a good time of fellowship with the people there and met several new friends as we preached (left) and talked about what we have been doing on Guam and in Micronesia. Later, that afternoon, we joined the Gateway people for a picnic at a local park (right).


On the left, Joyce and I pose with Pastor Fred and Maredith Hennes. On the right with Janet Culwell. Janet and I have known each other since kindergarten so it was quite appropriate that she introduced us in the morning service

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