Friday, March 27, 2015

Eastern Micronesia Trip #3 - Hawaii

SAMSUNG            I ended my recent trip by traveling further East to Hawaii before I headed back to Guam on Tuesday/Wednesday. This gave me an opportunity to meet with my friends, and PIU partners, at New Hope Christian College. They are moving forward and making some changes, much as we are at PIU. One of the big changes for them is a name change to Pacific Rim University. It was good to have some time to meet with their administration and discuss how we can have PIU approach the needs of the region from the west and PRU from the East. Here are a few of the views from my time in Hawaii.


I enjoyed a dinner meeting with my friend Randy Furushima, long time president of the school. We talked ministry strategy and watched the sunset on the ocean. This is the view from our table


This was the view from my hotel window

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