Monday, March 30, 2015

Solar Power

SAMSUNG            Just before the end of 2014 we had a solar power system installed at our house by Pacific Solar Photovoltaics. As we get older we see the need to lower our expenses in order to be able to continue ministering at PIU and to the island of Guam. Lowering utility expenses is one good way to do that. We saw that as kind of a “retirement investment” that would begin to pay off right away. We were able to afford the system by doing a refinancing on our house. It has already begun to pay dividends for us as, with a house full of people in December/January, our first power bill was $95 and February’s bill was $13. This makes it easier to continue with the hospitality ministry that we have been able to do for the last few years and makes our house a better ministry tool. You can read an article from the local Guam TV news station and see a video they made about it here.


The installation took only a few days


This is the part I like: a $13 power bill from Guam Power Authority…SAMSUNG

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